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Monitor Diagnose Repair

Welcome to the end of troubled networks 

The Dr Wi-Fi network analyser is a new and innovative product from ISE, a simple compact device that installs onto your network, through constant automated network tests and measures, the probe is able to gather and interpret the appropriate data, pinpoint network faults and automatically trigger necessary actions.

IoT Hardware

A cost-effective device that allows for secured probes to constantly test and measure network quality and performance. Through advanced AI technology, the device acts as both a guest and technician, gathering a full experience of analytical data and automatically triggering necessary actions to repair network faults.

Cloud Services

Highly secure cloud services enable the device to gather and store all relevant data to the finest detail, then deploy set automated actions to repair any part of the network. All of the recorded performance data and actions are remotely accessible, the solution also offers easy automated alert email or SMS notifications.

Analyse and Repair

This intuitive device uses data analytics and machine learning to continually test the full scope of any wireless network, initiating repair actions where necessary, automation technology that ensures constant quality, and decrease in operating costs and maintenance, a win-win situation for any organisations network.  

Secure compact design

The DrWifi network probes offer secure, indiscreet mounting, as well as advanced secure access, protecting your network at all times, the secure platform offers a secure 256bit key encryption as well as Elliptic curve ciphers for the dialog between Cloud and Edge. 

Even in case of physical tampering of the edge device, it’s not possible to extract the access credential or any sensitive data

Advanced monitoring and analysis

  • The probe constantly measures the availability and performance of the services using scripted tests
  • The set of predefined scripted tests can be extended, creating new scripts that implement interaction and validation
  • The relevant data for each measure is stored inside a time-series database and can be visualised concisely 
  • Detailed technical logs of the measures are stored and  directly accessible for an effective analysis 

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